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Raised by a pack of artists in Riverside California, Marian's earliest memories are of sitting next to her mother as she painted beautiful seascapes in oil. The smell of turpentine permeated the house.

Later in life, due to the severe brain damage caused by the turpentine, she started securing jobs in the commercial art field.

After being layed off by a large heartless corporation, she combatted the degradation of living on the dole by returning to what was in her blood...


Marian finds inspiration hanging around with other artists, weirdos, and perverts, and seeing every art museum within striking distance. And the whole world is within striking distance...Well, at least it used to be before the economy collapsed.

In 2001, a friend suggested studio space in a historic building that had just been renovated in downtown Riverside. Soon after moving into the empty building, she founded "The People's Gallery" along with artists Jake Kimbrell and Glen Morris.

In 2005 the State of California granted tax exempt status and later in the year the Gallery qualified as a 501(c) 3 public charity under federal guidelines. Marian is it's Chief Executive Officer.